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We are The Real Power Of Music.  We simply believe that music has the power to change lives.

Music is already known to be something people enjoy, and something that brings people together.  But this is just the tip of the musical iceberg!  Music is so much more!

To be brief, being involved in music has positive benefits for your confidence, self esteem, physical health, mental health, friendships, communication skills, academic abilities, and many more.  You meet people you'd have never met, find mutually enjoyable activities, and forge new relationships.  You breathe long and deep and move so many muscles that your lungs and general health can only improve.  You find solace and meaning in songs, in playing instrumental pieces, and in the physical act of playing as much as the music itself, so much so that your mental health is freed.

Music is wonderful, and we at The Real Power Of Music aim to utilise this power to positively affect the lives of as many people as possible.


We use music to improve lives.  Simple.

The Real Power Of Music has four main strands.

  • Music Sessions - to bring music into schools, care settings, and the community.  Find out more HERE

  • Speeches and Presentations - to spread the word of The Real Power Of Music to the world. Find out more HERE

  • Research Collaborations - to work with established research bodies to further current knowledge of Music, Health and Wellbeing.  Find out more HERE

  • Project Sponsorships - to work with and sponsor other community projects that we believe are using the real power of music to change lives.  Find out more HERE

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