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RESEARCH COLLAORATIONS - To improve our knowledge of Music, Health and Wellbeing

We know music can do wonderful things, but can we prove it?  Can we show a doctor, or a funder, or a government ministry, that it has uses to help people.  How much quantitive as well as qualitative prof do we have?  Is it enough?

The answer is that we know a lot, but we are a long way short of professionals automatically prescribing music to help patients.  We are a long way short of funders automatically funding music projects to help communities.  How do we improve this?  We research.  We study.  We run and analyse projects.

We, at The Real Power Of Music, work with research bodies to design, run, and evaluate projects in such a way that we might add to the growing proof that music really does make a difference.  Imaging a world where someone with a breathing issue is prescribed with singing, or someone with a mental issue is advised to use music as part of their day to day life to help.  We firmly believe that things like this can , do, and will make a difference.

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