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MUSIC SESSIONS - Bring Music To The People

The most simple way to spread The Real Power Of Music around is to bring it to the people!  We run sessions in schools, care settings, clubs, and in the community in general with the simple aim of bringing music to those who both need it most and who might not have regular access to it.

In years gone by, every school had both a piano and someone who could play it and lead music.  That is simply not the case now.  Many children don't receive as good a school music programme (especially at primary school) as we would like.  We love to go into schools and get children involved in music.  We song, we show them instruments they may never have seen or played, we get them involved, and we tell them how they can carry on being involved.

Care homes are filled with people for whom music was a big part of their lives.  Music holds memories and emotions for people living in care.  We run sessions on care homes that allow the residents to join in, to remember, and laugh and cry, and to feel every emotion music can bring.  These sessions are held dearly by the residents and the carers.

Beyond this, we visit clubs (cubs, scouts, cadets, youth groups, active retirement associations, woman's institutes, and others and run interactive music sessions simply to bring people together in music.

PROJECT - Music And The Body

Music has a real impact on our bodies.  When asked what music does to you, people usually answer in terms of happiness, or fun, but what is actually happening to the body when we are hearing on making music?  This project goes into schools to teach children how music changes how your brain releases chemicals, how your blood circulates, how your sleep is improved, how your lungs can get healthier, how your immune system can benefit. SO many physical reasons that music makes a real difference.

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