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SPEECHES / PRESENTATIONS - Tell The World of The Real Power Of Music

The world knows music is great, but is really doesn't know HOW GREAT it actually is!

Through a series of speeches, lectures, workshops, and presentations, we aim to tel as many people as we can about the phenomenal benefits of music.  We teach about how it can improve your mental and physical health, and how it can help you in your community, and how it can give you skills to improve employment opportunities, and so much more.

Every group will utilise different parts of what makes music special.  A business can use music to increase staff efficiency and happiness.  Carers in a care home can use music to bring more joy and improved wellbeing to their residents.  Funding bodies can use this improved knowledge to divert more funding to music and the arts.  Youth leaders can use this knowledge to channel the activities of the young people they work with.  Schools can use this knowledge to help children into music and therefore help their academic and social skills.

Every speech, workshop, or presentation is tailored to the setting for as many people to get the most out if it as is possible.

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